The RoMac Macropad -(DIY Kit)

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• Hello! You guys know me as /u/The_Royal from Reddit. This Was/Is my first “big” project I’ve Worked on for this crazy little community. I had always wanted to get an idea of mine onto the desks of you beautiful people.

After seeing the beautiful creation of /u/hsgwchan‘s “Plaid” Ortholinear keyboard, I was instantly inspired to design a macro pad/keypad for those of us 40% users that, realistically, need a NumPad of some kind. I loved the “Through-Hole” design of the “Plaid”. Showing off the full spectrum of hard and soft shapes that are the brains of the keyboard.

I don’t have a lot of experience with bootloading or coding within more than just QMK and The like so I choose to keep it basic and let the simple components of the Controler and Diodes be the star of the show.


(Rev2.1) Main Features:

-- Cheap

-- MX/ALPS and Kailh Low-Pro Switch Varients (Different PCB's)

-- Hot-Swap Micro Controller Support (ZigZag Footprint)

-- Powered by QMK Firmware 


Each Kit Includes:

  • x1 - "RoMac" PCB (MX/Kaihl Low-Pro Varients)
  • x1 - "RoMac" Bottom Base Plate (PCB Material)
  • x15 - Through-Hole Diodes [1N4148]
  • x1 - Through-Hole Tactile Reset Switch [SKHLLCA010]
  • x4 - Brass Spacers [M2-Female]
  • x8 - SS Screws [M2]
  • x1 - Clear Acrylic Cover Plate 
  • x2 - Brass Standoffs [M2-Male/Female]



    -This is Mainly so you can choose yourself from the many variants of controllers, switches, and keycaps we have available in the community.