[GB] ProtoSOAP - Prototype SOAP Macro Pad Group Buy

Regular price $100,000.00

The Time Has Come!

Kit Includes:


  • x1 SOAP Top Case
  • x1 SOAP Bottom Panel
  • x1 Polished Brass Switch Plate (MX Only)
  • x1 SOAP rev.Alpha PCB (Green) (MX Only) (USB Type-C)
  • x1 (Short Stem) RC11 Rotary Encoder
  • x9 M2 Hardware

• 3D Printed Cases - High Quality SLS (Selective Laser Stintering)

Example off SLS Print Quality/Material

• Durable and Strong Nylon 12 Material (White Color Only)
• Media Tumbled To Smooth and Beautiful Finish (Eggshell-Like Finish)

* No Enamel Infill

** Does not Include Switches or Key Caps

Rotary Encoder Knob:

  • SLS Nylon (+$8.50)
  • Electro-Polished Brass (+$28.50)

- Knob Chosen will be reflected in Invoice at time of dispatch. 




"Moderate" DISCLAIMER:

**SOAP has not been submitted to QMK yet but all files are basically done and It will be submitted by the time I receive and ship this small run of Kits. SOAP Proto Kits will ship with Default Layout flashed.

***As A Prototype Product, the Item received may be flawed in perfect fit and structure. This is the point of Prototyping. Just to make sure everything is as it should be.

****All Participants In the ProtoSOAP GB will receive a significant discount on Final, CNC Milled, Production SOAP When the time comes as a thank you for helping finalized the end product :)