[Fundraiser Raffle] Limited Ed. - Purple - Prime_E PCB

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- Purple PRIME_E PCB -


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In collaboration with PrimeKB (/u/Holtenc) this Fundraiser Raffle is for x4 unique, 100% Original Prime_E PCBs, but with a Custom Color Run. 

This became a thing at first because I really wished there was a Purple PCB Option for the Prime_E but it Holtenc said there wasn’t any plan to.  But he offered his design up for a small run of them. 

At first I honestly was just going to sell them as extras. But I thought we could do something more fun with them. 

Example of Purple PCB w/Gold Surface Finish:

- https://i.imgur.com/Pa3FYjX.jpg

• Example Album of my Hand-Assembly Portfolio:
- https://imgur.com/a/V7EtfLZ


• 100% Compatibility/“Swapability” between Original Black Prime_E PCB.

• All 4 PCBs will be hand assembled by yours truly (The_Royal)

• All PCBs will be extensively tested for full functionality before shipping  



• Details: 

• Ticket will be Available for purchase until December 8th, 2019 •

•  Free First-Class Shipping World-Wide

• $1.00 Per Ticket = 1 Entry •

(Multiple Entries Are Accepted)

NW-Arkansas Food Bank 

*All in the form of Non-Perishable Goods I will be purchasing for the holiday season.


• PCB Features:

- The Original Prime_E PCB designed by /u/Holtenc of PrimeKB.com

- Exact Same PCB that was part of the big Prime_E Keyboard GB that has recently finished fulfillment. 

• 3 indicator LEDs (Your Choice of all White or RGB mix)
• Hotswap via Kailh sockets
• VIA Support
• Limited Edition Purple Soldermask
• Gold Surface Finish (Gold Pads)

••• After The Ticket Sale Closes, winners will be randomly selected via Random.org (Steaming of drawing on Instagram)

••• Winners will be announced Here and on the 40% Discord and Contacted Via Email to Accept Winnings and Confirm choice of LED’s and Shipping Address  




*Disclaimer: I have zero affiliation with the NWA Food Bank. This Raffle is just a simple, fun way to offer a chance for someone to own something unique while also helping out local families who might need some assistance this holiday season.