Kingly-Keys Update - Oct 29th, 2019


Group Buys-

RoPro GB:

    After a hectic and wild ride, All RoPro Orders have now been shipped!  Any and all shipping modifications have been dealt with to the best of my knowledge.  If there is anyone with issues, please feel free to email me, or send me a DM on discord @The_Royal •  (I'm a bit easier to reach there.)

      2% MILK GB:

        Delays have Still Set us back and printing the cases has still not completed. I sincerely apologize for the delay but it’s out of my hands with the cases being printed and handled by another user. The kits are set to being shipped at a minimum of 2 weeks from today.  Just waiting on Cases to finish printing and for Foam to finish being cut.  I will update as soon as I know a better time frame of shipping. I have still been keeping up with the progress of everything and specific updates can be found on the Milk Discord Channel within the 40% Discord here:



        In-Stock Items-

          Plain60-C PCBs:

              In partnership with Maarten, I am happy to announce that Kingly-Keys will be keeping stock as a US-Proxy for the beautifully, and perfectly, hand-assembled Plain60-C PCBs!  A Minimal, No-Frills PCB for those that like it simple and clean. While our introductory batch lasts, Pick Yours Up Today!



              Coming Very Soon-

              After all the kind and loving support for the little board that started it all, Im excited to bring back the RoMac to Kingly-Keys!

              But with a few upgrades to keep up with the "New, Hip and Trendy" Features that all the kids are into these days


              The RoMac+ (BLACK N’ GOLD)


              • Same Aesthetic as the OG RoMac
              • MX, ALPS, & Choc Compatibility
              • Support for SMD RGB Under-glow LEDs
              • Support for Bottom Left Rotary Encoder
              • and Most excitingly, OLED Functionality! (KA-CHOW!!)

              *RoMac+ Kits Will be up for Sale Friday, Nov 1st at 11:00CST