[Closed] [GB] 2% Milk - A Lactose Inspired Macro Pad (ROUND 2)

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The Lactation Revelation!

 Did you miss out on the first round of Milk?

 Was your body engorged with a desire to cover your desk in beautiful Grade-A Cow Juice That has flooded the Keyboard community as of late?



**NOW’S your chance to have your own!**


This is 2% Milk:

A Beautifully Adorable 2-Key Macro Pad



Round-1 2% Milk Community Pics!



Milk is a Concept and Design brought to life thanks to the beautiful work of these fine gentlemen:


• Case Manufacturing By Mr. Slippery Pete: [SlipperyPeteED] on Insta

• Case Design by the young Soft: [soft] on Insta

• Concept, Original Procurer, And Continual GB organization by The SpaceMan: [spaceman_keybs] on Insta

• And PCB design by the legendary Pyro (maker of the original Alpha28 Keyboard): [Pyro.keys] on Insta


Milk R1 was a small, private(ish) run of the design within the 40% Discord. But since then, people around the world have asked about getting there own Milk Macro Pad! 

This is where Yours Truly come in...


Milk (Round 2) Will be proudly ran and organized here at Kingly-Keys.xyz!


Each Kit Includes: 

• x1 3D Printed Milk Case [Original, Strawberry or Chocolate Color Options] - (Designed by Soft, Printed by SlipperyPete) 

• x1 Milk PCB - (Designed by PyroL)

 • x1 Pro Micro Microcontroller w/Headers

 • x4 Mill-Max Hotswap Sockets for convenient Switch Swapping

 • x2 Milk Case Stickers [ In corresponding Flavor Chosen]  - (Designed by The_Royal)

- Additional and Optional Add-On Stickers are available HERE

 • x1 Inner Switch-Plate Foam courtesy of /u/mkultracorp! 


Group Buy Details:

 • Group Buy Will Run August 15th - August 23th (Or Until We Meet Our Maximum Order Limit)

 • After GB Closes, Production and ordering of all parts will commence and All Orders are Expected to Ship By Sept 30th (Depending on Final Number of Orders)



The Preparation Of Voluptuous Lactation Temptation is Here!



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