[GB] GMK Fro.Yo

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A Clean, Creamy, And Fresh Keycap Set.

Inspired by A Love for A Soft, Frozen-Dairy Treat.

The Soft And Cool center-stage Alphas , surrounded by Bright and Bold Modifier Legend Accents, make this set perfect for those that like simpler, more classic color-ways, but also enjoy standing out, just a little bit from the rest. 



This, Is

GMK Fro.Yo


Details of Fro.Yo:


Who Will Be Manufacturing Fro.Yo?

• GMK - electronic design gmbh

• High-Quality, Thick, Double-Shot ABS Keycaps



• Group Buy Phase will run from August 10th - September 9th, 2019


 *Expected Shipping Date of Late January, 2020



• US: Right Here at Kingly-Keys!

• EU: CandyKeys.com


MOQ Numbers: 

*Number of Orders Needed For Production of Set.


  • Shoppe Kit (Base): MOQ - 250 Kits
  • Juniors Kit (40's): MOQ - 150 Kits
  • Cashiers Kit (NumPad): MOQ - 100 Kits
  • Sprinkles Kit (Spacebar/Int.): MOQ - 100 Kits



The Colors of Fro.Yo:

[PANTONE Color Samples]

*Spacebar (L9)

-    2345 C
-    312 C
-    3395 C
-    2088 C

[GMK Stock Colors:]

-    L9
-    2B
-    N6



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*There are no refunds or cancellations for this order. 


In Regards To Renders:

Note: Please remember that renders are to help us all get a better sense of the sets real-world look. And just like in real life, differences in light, environment, angles, and temperatures all play into how a set actually is perceived (Whether through a lens or through our own eyes). Please take all renders with that open perception. Further clarification will come when samples are made and Are sent to me for approval. :)

Stunningly Creamy Renders seen above are thanks to these incredible guys: Thank you for all the Help Gentleman!

RAMA M60-A (HAZE) - Render By Janglad

Satisfaction 75 - Render by Abec13

TMO-50 (Retro Refrigerator) - Render by Abec13

Yellow KBDFans Tofu - Render by Abec13

Keebwork Fro.Yo - Render by CandyKeys

All Kit Renders by Abec13 


Thank you for the Help Gentleman!