[GB] The RoPro *CLOSED*

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The RoPro:

A Compact, 75-Key, Ortholinear Keyboard Kit!

Have you ever wanted the most extra keyboard you could have?

The RoPro may be your cup of tea. 

The RoPro Came about from my love of Ortholinear keyboards.  But I always found myself wanting something with a bit more functionality over boards like the Planck, Mech Mini RGB, and Preonic.  Others have felt the same, as 40% isn't exactly the "End-Game Layout" for the masses.

The RoPro, in layman's terms, is a 60% Keyboard, with an F-Row, 3 Left-Hand Macro Keys...and a Rotary Encoder.  What more could you ask for in a keyboard!?

Features & Details:

- High Functionality with 75 Keys to Program to your liking

- Full - Ortholinear (The Superior Layout)

- Rotary Encoder with all the Bells and Whistles you could ask for

- RGB Underglow with x16 WS2812B LEDs for even more "extra" flair

- Low Profile Design: Only 12mm front height with the MCU being mounted on top of board.

- Powered by QMK Firmware 

***Please Note:

    The RoPro Only Accepts PCB-Mount "MX Style" Switches (No Switch Plate Required)

      The RoPro is Only Compatible with Elite-C Micro Controllers

        Layout Options:

        RoPro Layout Options

        Each RoPro Kit Includes:

        • x1 - RoPro Main PCB (MX Style, PCB Mount Switches Only)

        - PCB/Bottom Plate Color Options: Matte Black, White, and/or Blue

        • x1 - RoPro Bottom PCB Case Plate (Matching Color)
        • x1 - EC11 Rotary Encoder
        • x80 - 1N4148 Through Hole Diodes
        • x8 - 8mm Brass M2 Spacers
        • x16 - 5mm SS M2 Screws
        • x6 - Rubber Bumpon Feet
        • x1 - Tactile Reset Switch

        *Please Note: NO KEYCAPS or SWITCHES are INCLUDED

        *Elite-C Micro-Controller is an Optional Add-On this time (Additional Cost)


        • x1 - "Elite-C" Micro Controller (+$16.00 if Bundled)
        • x16 - WS2812B RGB LEDs (+$8.00)


        PCB Color Option Renders:

        Black Main PCB & Black PCB Bottom Plate


        White Main PCB & PCB Bottom Plate:


        Blue Main PCB & Blue PCB Bottom Plate (Color Seen In Real Life Proto):



        Group Buy Details:

        The RoPro GB will be open to orders from:

        Friday July 19th - Friday August 2nd

        After which, the GB will close and orders will stop being collected.

        I will then place the final number of orders with the various manufactures for the hardware, parts, and PCBs. 

        Turnaround and Ship Date is expected to be roughly 1 Month - Post GB Close (Sept 2nd)

        I will be keeping a Bi-Weekly Update Page open that you can view here:

        Kingly-Keys Update Page

        The Usual Disclaimers:

        ***Note: This a Group Buy. Please remember that this product is not currently in stock and the turnaround time on this product is expected to be roughly 30 Days after all participants have submitted Payment. Delays are possible, but not expected with the production files and process being relatively straight forward.

        ***Due to the nature of the buy, and the nature of PayPal's New policies. If, for what ever reason, you need to cancel or receive a refund of your RoPro Purchase,and you used PayPal at checkout, you will be refunded the amount but not reimbursed for the PayPal Fees collected at time of purchase.