The RoMac+

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A Small, Classic, and Clean 12-Key Macro Pad with Fancy Features.


After a long wait and much love shared for the original RoMac Macropad, Ive put in a lot of work to give people some of the features that they were asking for.


The RoMac+


  • Full QMK Support
  • Same Beautiful Aesthetic as the original RoMac
  • MX, ALPS, & Choc Compatibility
  • Compatible with Elite-C, and Pro-Micro variant Controllers
  • "Hot-Swap" Zig-Zag Controller Footprint
  • Support for SMD RGB Under-glow LEDs
  • Support for Bottom Left Rotary Encoder

    and, Most excitingly
  • OLED Functionality! (KA-CHOW!!)



Batch #2 (Mid-Nov)

*These Kits are only availible in White or Black with Gold Surface Finish)

Each Kit Includes:

  • x1 - RoMac+ PCB (White or Black)
  • x1 - RoMac+ Bottom PCB Plate (White or Black)
  • x15 - 1N4148 Through-Hole Diodes
  • x4 - 8mm M2 Brass Spacers
  • x8 - M2 SS-Screws
  • x1 - Tactile Reset Switch
  • x4 - Rubber Bumpons

    Optional Add-Ons From the Store:
  • 3mm Acrylic Plate [ Requires Taller Standoffs if using OLED (not included) ]

So, while you can, Come get your own beautiful RoMac+!