Plain60-C (PCB)

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A universally compatible, no-frills 60% PCB, with minimal layout support and USB Type-C. 



This universal 60% PCB is designed to support as little layouts as possible without limiting usability for most users. The reason Maartenwut did this is because other PCBs made for this form factor usually have so many supported layouts that it could almost qualify as swiss cheese. No one likes a Swiss cheese PCB. 

So this PCB gives you the most popular layout options, while maintaining a clean and classy PCB design.  

This is for those that care about the Fine and small details of their builds that others may brush off the shoulder. 

It also features a fuse and an ESD protection chip to protect the MCU and other parts of the PCB.


  • Compatible with QMK Firmware and VIA Configurator (if you flash a VIA compatible .hex file)
  • Compatible with most universal 60% cases and HHKB/WKL Tofu by KBDfans
  • USB type C with C-C support
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • No LEDs and no underglow
  • Minimal layout support
  • ISP header


Layout Options: