Little Foot - (PCB Kit)

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A Mighty Small, 45% Ortholinear Keyboard!


The Little_Foot is a project of mine that I made as a personal challange. In both some tray-mounting design, as well as some more complex firmware/code construction.

Trying to push the limit of how small I could realistically go, I wanted to dive more into chording, combos, layer tapping and LED configuration, all without making something overlly complicated.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. :)


If you want to fab up a case, here’s a Link to the Little_Foot Repo on GitHub!


PCB Notes:

  • MX-Type Switches Only
    • (*No In-Switch LED Support)
  • Accepts both/either Through-Hole and SMD Diodes
  • Both Pro-Micro & Elite-C Compatible
  • Pin-Outs On PCB For WS2812B - RGB - LED strips

Order Includes:

  •  x1 - Little_Foot PCB (Yellow Board/Yellow Solder Mask/White Silkscreen) 
  • x45 - Through-Hole Switching diodes


**PLEASE NOTE: This order is solely for a Little_Foot PCB w/Basic Components. 

• Case, Controller, Switches, and Keycaps are NOT included •