*Full Store Update and New Kits Coming Soon
*Full Store Update and New Kits Coming Soon
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Clear Acrylic Cover Plate

Clear Acrylic Cover Plate

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A small [88x25x3mm] Acrylic Cover Plate That Mounts Above left side of the RoMac Macro Pad.
  • Functionally: It protects any random damage to exposed components.
  • Aesthetically: It Looks Super Cool!


  • x1 RoMac/RoMac+ Acrylic Cover Plate*

  • x2 Brass Standoffs [M2-Male/Female]


*Cover Plate Ships with a protective paper backing to prevent scratches and damage.  Just peel away backing before use. 


**Note: The included Stand-offs Do Not work with using  the OLED on the RoMac+. Taller Stand-offs are on-order right now.